The Friends of Enfield Music Service is a charitable organisation founded in 2002 (Registered Charity number: 1098609)

Our primary aim is to advance the music education of young people in the London Borough of Enfield by supporting the provision of activities available through the Enfield Music Service.

We achieve this through raising money to support and enhance young people's musical experience and opportunities in Enfield. Money raised is used to support students directly and through our support of the activities of Enfield Music Service.

We have been able to provide financial assistance for the purchase of instruments and equipment, promote and support concerts and subsidise or assist those less advantaged. We have been able to access over £50,000 in money raised and grants to help over 400 young people to access free or subsidised instrument lessons.

Our regular activities are providing refreshments and running raffles at most Enfield Music Service concerts and events. We also seek funding from sponsors and other organisations to support our aims, particularly in supporting the disadvantaged.


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